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26 October 2013-
Hello To all ! i know I did not write on the blog for ages but social media took over and you can find all the news and photos regarding Fontelunga on FB , Twitter and Pinterest

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My last entry on this blog is to tell you as well that in a month time we will have a totally new webpage !

Love to all Paolo

6 May 2013 -
And we are already in May ! Country side in full bloom , my gig tree is getting bigger by the hour and at 26 degrees we are experiencing a quite hot spring.
Ines arribes last week end and unfortunately fell and broke 3 ribs and 1 wrist: it could have been worst thou.... So she will be staying with us for 30 days and even in not such a comfortable stay she is in the kitchen superving lunch and dinner , she is really unstoppable

24 April 2013 - Wisteria in full bloom !

I have to say I love the lilac wisteria at the back of Fontelunga: the whole garden is blossoming and it looks very pretty especially the fileds with the poppies and small daisies.

19 April 2013 - Drink trolley and drink cabinet

Philip went to Arezzo antique market last month and he found this 1950 drink trolley and designed the drink cabinet in a style of a beach cabin , nice little touch.In the drink cabinet there is now a fridge so guests can enjoy a cold soft drink or a glass of wine or beer without leaving the pool area.

19 April 2013 - New Jacuzzi and bar at Fontelunga

Nearly there for the jacuzzi, it has been a struggle but in the end the finish product is lovely.
I can just see our guests enjoying a glass of wine relaxing in the pool admiring the view over the valley. Who want to come ?

18 April 2013 - New Pool at Fontelunga

So our new pool is finished and it looks really great ! well done Philip, you did it again!
Cant wait to join our guests for a drink by the pool.

16th April 2013 - Spring is definately here
What a glorious week and fantastic sunny week end! Great guests at the moment and Frank and Dina over from Munich. Went to the Mall and Prada for some retail theraphy and had a good day shopping!
Found some great prices at Todd's and bought Philip some sunglasses .
As promised the pool is done and the Jacuzzi last tiles went on today: planted 150 lavanders plants on the way to the pool and the new retro drink trolley and cabit are now set by the pool.
we can have the official opening in 2 weeks time !

31st March 2013 - Happy Easter!
This year Easter is very early! my friends Remi & Simon and Rob from Sydney at the Villa and we spent the last 3 days eating choccolate and Easter cakes. Pool nearly ready , one more week maybe two and the Jacuzzi will be finished as well

21st March 2013 - Happy Spring day !
Hello to all , today we reopen the season 2013 with a lovely sunny and warm day , finally I have to add! As you know we have been away during the winter and while we were closed for the winter months we did few upgrades at Fontelunga , especially around the pool area.
Actually the all pool is new and we added a Jacuzzi and a bar ! due to the misarable wet weather we are a bit behind with the final touches but the wait will be worth it : Philip did a fantastic job redesigning the pool and the garden around it : of course photos will follows soon

21st Feb 2013 - Back home !
We are back at Fontelunga after a fantastic holiday in Australia & New Zealand! What a shock to the sistem to be back from lovely sunny and hot weather to the middle of winter in Europe! Anyway far too busy to think about it. In a month time we will reopen and we have bilders in the main house reflooring some of the bathrooms, painters refreshing the Villa inside out and Philip redesigned the Diamante room as well plus the pool! So it will be very exciting to come over to Tuscany and see all the changes at Fontelunga.

14th December - BMW discover routes !
A small project that Philip developed with our good friend Robert Diner at BMW , Discover Tuscany ! have a look at this link ,

12th December,Back in Tuscany!
Hello people , I m back in lovely Tuscany after my 4 weeks globetrotting for sales and marketing and of course visiting my good friend Fiona in California. Nice to be back home and be riunited with Philip and the dogs. I have been to 3 diffrent Continets , 12 cities, many flights and car jouneys,saw lots of people for business and pleasure so I m very happy to stay put for 1 week before we fly out again. Philip has been very busy as well at Fontelunga. We are redesigning the pool area completely, adding a Jacuzzi, new walls, a bar and surrounding: it will look stunning once it is finished( yes at the moment is a building site so you need a bit of immagination)
The Diamante rooms as well has been redone with a fantastic new floor and colour scheme: Photos will follows.
I want to wish you all a very Festive season and a great start for 2013.
Love and Baci Paolo

10 November , The season 2012 is over !
For this season as well we arrived at the end . I would like to thank you all our guests that decided to spend their holiday with us at FONTELUNGA in 2012. it has been a great season with great returning guests( many of them ) and great new friends. I big thank you to all from Philip and myself and of course Lucy Liu and Charlie Boy !!
Now I start my travelling for sales and marketing while Philip will be staying in Tuscany supervising various works that we are doing at Fontelunga this fall. More details and photos as the winter season approach and before we will take our winter break in Thailand and Australia (cant wait)
We will see you with a new look and us fully recharged on the 21st March 2013 , when we will reopen for the season 2013.
Ciao a tutti ,
Paolo & Philip

15th October, Philip is back from London
Had a great week end with returning guests , Nicky and John, celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary with a bunch of their close friends.Still warm,at 20 degrees, but wet this week end. Philip is back from London and all good on the UK side of the family.

11th October- treno natura-a steam train in Siena territory
What a lovely experience to travel in a old fashion steam train around the fantastic countryside around Siena region.
I went on it on the 14th Oct to the festival of the Porcini mushroom. Next dates are 21st Oct for the festival of the chestnut- 11 Nov for the festival of white truffle and many other dates.
for more information have a look at

8th October, Back in Rome to visit Ines
In the end we did not buy anything at the market!! All the things I really loved were far to expensive. Took the train down to Rome and went to visit Ines. She is not feeling too well, a bit disorianted and confused , very likely due to her age and the anestehsia.

6th October, Antique Fair Market in Arezzo
Lovely day to go to Arezzo for the monthly Antique fair. Philip is hunting various staff for his clients and I will go just to have a look around and see if I can find any burgain. Sunny day and Lucy and Charlie very excited to come with us as well.

OMG we are already in October
Time really fly ! it seems yesterday that we started the season 2012 and now we have only 4 qweeks to go to end the season.
Still amazing weather sunny and mor than warm at 28 degrees in Oct! Went to Rome to see Ines and she has been moved to a private clinic for 4 weeks physiotherapy on her keen.

25th Sept Back in Tuscany!
My week end in Barcelona as usual was fantastic! Back in Tuscanty with a full Villa and great guests from all over the world. e had one of the best dinner party of the season , good laugh and far too much Prosecco for me

23rd Sept 2012,I am pleased to introduce Nacho

This is Nacho , 4 months old , totally adorable and lives in barcelona with my good friends Eric and Edu. He is my godson and future husband of Lucy Liu: well we have to wait another year more or less for them to meet properly

21th Sept 2012
It is my time to be off for the week end and of course I m going to Barcelona to visit Eric and Edu.They have now a little Teckle called Nacho ,4 months old , and he will be Lucy husband next year! we will have some lovely puppies by the end of next season!

18th Sept 2012
Sunday in Rome was great : my sister took me to her club on the river for lunch and it was such a lovely sunny day , perfect !Philip today is coming back and I m over the moon to see him.
another week of great gusts and tonight a full house dinner party at Fontelunga.

16th Sept 2012
It has been a long week , feeling quite down, actually really down for the loss of Lola. Good that I m very busy at work so I dont think to much about her but it is so difficult. Lovely guests make my week easier without Philip. the pain to loose a member of your family is difficult to hide.
Off to Rome to see mum and spend sunday with my nephews and nice. Have a good one to all

10th Sept 2012,I m devastated my little one is gone

Lola May 2003 - Sept 2012
Ciao Lola , we will miss you terribly !

8th Sept 2012 Julia and Nick wedding at Fontelunga
This time Julia preffered to use round tables: well done "Rosa canina" for the flowers decorations.

7th Sept - Great September weather !
Another lovely wedding at Fontelunga . Cngratulation Nick and Julia !
More pics will follows!

1st Sept 2012 Gemma & Mark wedding at Fontelunga
Another lovely occasion to celabrate with family and friends. This wedding was a bit larger with 80 guests from all over the world.

27th Aug - Our fig tree is exploding !
Never seen so many figs on our trees like this year. I suppose fig jam and figs tarts are on Fontelunga menu for Sept

21st Aug - “Lucifer” the new anticyclone is arrived and is hotter than ever !!
Melting here in Tuscany

20th Aug Katie and Doug wedding at Fontelunga
What a fantastic intimate wedding! Katie and Doug married in the littlecountry church at the bottom on the valley and came up the villa on a donkey cart ! Cool!

19th Aug Picnic at Fontelunga

Another great sunny and hot day and Philip set up a lovely spot on the ground of Fontelunga for our guests to have a picnic

16th Aug

Finally after we bought it in Mexico over 2 years ago we managed to put up our hammock between the 2 pine trees close to the pool on the way to the tennis court. Lovely place to relax and read a book or have a nap in the shadow.

13th Aug
Olympic games are over and London put up a FANTASTIC closing cerimony and show! Incredible! Well done UK: we have been glued with many guests to the TV unil the early hours of the morning and really enjoyed the music from the Spice Girls , George Michael , Robbie etc etc.
Now Rio in 4 years time !

5th Aug
Hello to all from sunny Tuscany. Summer time is still with us and we have a full hotel and all the villas are very busy as well. Another 2 weeks and Italy will start working again: at the moment as you might know the whole country is on holiday!

28th July 2012
Philip and myself are heading south to Puglia for few days break , more precise to Gallipoli.
We went to wonderful Puglia before bur never to Salento. really looking forward to vsit Leccce and Gallipoli , Otranto etc etc . we have rented a house close to the coast and the little monsters are coming with us. As soon as i have some Photos I will post them.
Have a good week

27th July
Having Ines here for 10 days has been great: she still needs more physiotherapy on her knee but she is walking much better. She has been cooking all week and her Pasta al Forno is delicious as usual , so much that the guests asked her to do some more for tonight dinner party.
have a good week end and Happy Olympic games to all

25th July
Hello friends , another sunny day here in Tuscany . I have to say since the middle of June the weather has been fantastic. July is nearly over and Italy from next week will go on holiday . It is quite amazing that the whole country stop in August and go on holiday !! Philip and myself will join the rest of the country and will go down south for few days to Gallipoli in Puglia. The little town on the coast of Salento is fantastic, many beaches very beatifull and the water cryatll clear. We will take the doggies as well and will do very little apart from going to the beach ,swimming , reading and of course eating some good food.
love to all

20th July
Ines is arrived in Tuscany today and she will be staying for 10 days. still not walking very well but much better since the operation and I m sure in a month or two she will be totally OK.
Lucy Liu has a very young husband : Eric got a new puppy , Nacho, and we hope we will breed the two of them in a couple of years. Last night for the first time in ages we had 2 drops of rain, quite refreshing but it lasted only for 10 minutes. Pizza week end in the village. the center of Pozzo della Chiana is closed off and Sat and Sun there is the pizza festival.
Happy week end to all .

Alex , the lovely bride with friends and family

7th July Ice Cream at Fontelunga !

7th July - Fab wedding at Fontelunga
Great wedding at Fontelunga for the last 3 days . Congratulation to Alex and Anthony!
the Pizza and gelato party was great fun!

28th June
Full houses and great guests many returning. Peter and Lindays it was fantastic to have you back for your anniversary and the children look so gorgeous! next time we are in canada we will come over and see you.

23rd June - Wet , WET WET in London
In London for the week end for Mum and Dad 50th wedding anniversary, cold and wet but we had a great time anyway.

20th June 2012 - HOT: HOT ; HOT
melting away today is 36 degrees but we love it and the pool (apparentely) is very refreshing!
Philip already left to London for Mum and Dad 50th wedding anniversary this saturday .I will join him and the family on Friday for the week end.
Love to all

17th June 2012 - Summer is exploded
Do you remember my last entry ? well pay no attention to it , summer is here big time ! since last week high pressure hit Italy and we have the sun back and the heat! went to the beach for 2 days and I got so red I look like a lobster. Full house many returning guests, lovely !

13th June 2012
Crazy weather! we stepped back into autumn for the last 2 days but today the sun is back and it is a glorious day and will be for the rest of the week! Sunflowers fields all arund us are growing really fast and will be ready in a week time , look out for my photos !
Finally switched the house to Air con for the rest of season: some guests still wanted warm air in the bedrooms at night but definatly not anymore. Off to Casa Colleverde today to see Simon and spend2 days at the beach with our friends Eric & Edu from Barcelona.
I wish a good end of the week to all . P

5th June 2012 Happy birthday Philip and Ines!

Unfortunately Ines toubled knee is getting worst and tomorrow she will go into hospital to get it sorted. So I will have a lunch bithday with philip and our friends at Fontelunga and in the afternoon i will drive to Rome to have a birthday dinner with Mum and the rest of the family

3rd June 2012
What a great Jubilee week end we had at Fontelunga . We had many returning guests like Angela & James, Sean& Kira , Dan & Emma and Ji & Natalie. Weather was good and we had a great dinner party on the terrace and the atmophere was relaxed and very friendly.
Busy week ahead with Simon & Rachel wedding and of course Philip and Ines Birthday.

Arnold 40th birthday week end May 2012

21st May 2012
We had such a wonderful week end for Arnold 40th birthday party . many firends joined us form all over the world and we had our first cinema evening at Fontelunga with Cinema Paradiso , fantastic movie. Before that lots of pizza and beer so we were all chilled and relasex for the movie.
Photos of the week end will follow.

10th May 2012
Philip back from London where apparentely they are in full winter mode! wet and cold more than usual. Great guests at the moment and great weather. today off to the Apple Store (again) to try to resolve once and for all the problem with my Mac.
We eent to a great restaurant in Sinalunga called la Toraia, very good steak indeed , we will go back for sure.

5th May 2012
Happy Week end to all , especially to my UK friends and family considering that you will have a lovely bank Holiday. Philip is in london visiting Mum & Dad and Rob is over from Rome for the week end helping me out. Check our special offers for May : we have some really good one for the villas.
love to all

2nd May 2012
OMG we are already in MAY !! Time goes by too quickly. Really nice mix of guests this May bank holiday and lovely weather.Charlie finally had an haircut and now he is even cuter than before.
Season is getting busier and please check our special offers for May

Our first dinner party on the terrace-27th April 2012

My lovely guests from Michigan- 29th April 2012

For the last few days we had fantastic weather a mini heatwave with peaks of 29 degrees.
Had our first dinner party of the season on the terrace and all our guests really enjoy it.
Dear Dolly thank you for choosing Fontelunga for you and your family for your Italian trip: have fun in Floremce and Venice!

New Bath and Granato,Diamante & tormalina rooms - New look 2012

23rd April 2012
Had a sort of quite week end by myself: Philip in London to visit the family while I hold the fort. Lovely guests from everywhere ,UK, Germany, Australia and USA.
Yesterday was the flower festival in Foiano and like every year on sunday afternoon we had torrential rain! 2 bank holidays approaching , 25th April and 1st May . we still have some avalability so have a look at the special offers or call me direct if you would like a quotation .
Love to all and have a good week , Paolo

New Hallway and Oro and Avorio rooms - New look 2012

19th April 2012
Wet,wet,wet. Hello to all ,since last week we had a large amount of rain. the garden look fab but enough now! I just come back from Brazil and no I was not on holiday but at a luxury travel convention.
Another good news is that we are now offering to our clients our new cottage , Villino Savino located in one of the many winding medieval streets of the historic centre of Monte San Savino, one of Tuscany’s most picturesque hilltop towns only 10 minutes from the our existing properties.
The designer two bed two bath Cottage has been beautifully renovated by Philip deftly mixing the traditional with the contemporary offering accommodation over two floors topped off with a balcony and a terrace garden. Situated on the old battlements of the village Philip has exposed some of the historic walls and has set against these, modern fixtures and fittings making this cottage unique to our sleepy part of Tuscany.
OIf you would like to know more please meial me direct

Turchese room - New look 2012

30th March 2012
Well finally we are open at Villa Fontelunga for the season and Philip has worked his magic on rejuvenating the bedrooms and bathrooms putting “2012 chic back in the Fontelunga boutique!”
Whilst the theme of colours in each of the rooms has been maintained, funky stripes have been added to the bedrooms to give a “Paul smith” twist to the look of each . Of course as we all know (well I do!) Philip has long arms and those have also stretched to the bathrooms being re-styled with marble and chandeliers yet again pushing the style boundaries in the Tuscan hills to yet another level.
If the thought of bathing with chandeliers and marble isn’t enough we’ve had wonderful fortune to sign a contract with Molton Brown who will be supplying us with their luxury bathroom products which we will have the pleasure of supplying to our clients for the rest of the season!
So we are looking forward to pampering you here at the rejuvenated Fontelunga properties in 2012!
Please have a look at our spring and summer special offers.
love to all Paolo

29th March 2012
Hello to all , sorry I did not write for a while but i have been to London and Munich and last week we have been very busy with the opening.
On sunday we had our Spring opening party and it was great! we had many guests, family and friends and it was a really nice day.
Happy 2012 season to all our guests !

9th March 2012
Off to London today for few days of sales and marketing. always very happy to go back home and see my friends and live london at 360°. Look forward to a Thai dinner in Soho, a bit of clubbing and just be in my favourite city in the world.
Philip will stay here in Tuscany coordinating the final buildres and painters at the villa and will join me in Munich next week for our German leg of the sales and marketing.
Have a great week end to all

7th March 2012
mum and Dad arrived last night from london and will stay with us in Tuscany for few weeks.
Venice was great and magical as usual ,such an amazing city so unique and fantastic.
The day was perfect sunny and warm and we strolled around the small street avoiding the larger streets full of tourists.
Had lunch ouside just behind Rialto at a place called Bancogiro , great lunch even if a bit expensive.
Now back in Tuscany and 3 weeks to go before opening.

2nd March 2012
Lovely , gorgeous sunny day so at the last minute we have decided to go to Venice for the week end.
quickly packed some clothes for the week end ,all doggies in the back of the car and off we go to this little adventure: we had enough of buildres , plumbers and paniters for now , we can start again opn monday .
have a good week to all

1st March 2012
We are already in March!! time fly by far too quickly and we are not getting any younger!!
quite early it is 06.45 and the sun is just coming up on top of the mountains , amazing clear morning, it is going to be a lovely day!

28th Feb 2012
Finally all the bedrooms have been repainted with this amazing new stripes and the hallways on both floors as well.
Tomorrow are delivering the marble and mosaic tiles for the bathrooms and the builders should, I said should , start on the 1st March ...we will see.
Philip back from London tonight and just over 3 weeks to go for the opening of the season 2012

27th Feb 2012

Hello to all ,after a great week end in Rome with the family I m back in sunny Tuscany.
One important news is that as from today Villa Scannagallo is not part of our portfolio, we have sold it. Fontelunga , Gallo and Galletto of course are still owned and managed by us.
In the next week we will updated the webpages as well.
Have a good week.

25th Feb 2012
Hello to all and Happy week end .Since Monday the weather improved drastically and we are having some real spring weather at the moment, sunny and warm amn I m in short and tshirt! Philip went to London eysterday for the week end for our niece Mathilda birthday and I m her with the dogs but not for long : I m off to see ines in Rome until Monday.
have a great week end whatever you are doing

20th Feb 2012
A simple recepe for a delicious Apple cake from my mum book that soon will put together and published ourselves

Torta di mele di Ines
Ingredients :
4 Apples
100 gr butter
150 gr of flour
150 gr castor sugar
1 small bag of lievito (Bertolini )
3 eggs
Pine nuts

Cut the apples in slices and marinate with lemon and sugar.
Split the egg yolks from the whites and put in separate mixing bowls. Beat the eggs whites until stiff. Add the sugar and flour to the yolks and beat until the colour turns light yellow and the sugar is well amalgamated. Add the apples and pine nuts .
Butter an oven dish and sprinkle the base with flour and pour the mix.
In the oven at 175° for 45 minutes.

17 Feb 2012
What a glorious day again ! I woke up quite early due to the fact that Lucy and Charlie jumped on the bed and started licking my face so I took all of them for a walk : the sun was just coming up and the mist was covering the olive grove and the valley , quite magical.
So good start of the week end : tonight we have been invited to Walter Readelli restaurant in Bettolle. Walter is one of the best chef in Tuscany and I m really looking forward to a great dinner with lovely wines from Montepulciano and Montalcino.

16th Feb 2012
What a lovely sunny and warm day after the freezing cold of last few days. Finally the snow is melting and today I dont need scarf, hat , gloves heavy coat to be warm walking the dogs.
Philip very busy in the main Villa , Fontelunga, supervising the painting of the bedrooms and the bathrooms. In Lisbon we bought a very pretty lampshade form an antique shop in the Barrio Alto and cant wait to put it upsomewhere in the Villa .

Philip and Oliver

I have found this lovely photo of Philip and Oliver today when I was looking back at lots of old photos in my Apple. Unfortunately Oliver is not with us anymore, he left us in the summer and it is the first time I can look at one of his photos, I get far too upset. Charlie , his son,now is nearly 1 year old and have some of his caracter even if is a totally different Norfolk terrier.
I know some of you really loved Oliver so this is for you all!
Love Paolo

15th Feb 2012
Did you have a good San Valentine day ? Here is Tuscany has benn a bit on the cold side but supersunny. We stayed in and I cooked a lovely dinner , had the log fire on and Charlie and Lola are asleep at my feet while Lucy took her usual position on top of me . I will post some new special offer is few days so please have a look and come over and see us during the season 2012! Paolo

12th Feb 2012
We are so incredibly embarrassed that it has taken us so long to tell the world how lovely and special Villa Fontelunga, and Paolo and Philip are.

We were lucky enough to rent out the Villa for 3 nights and hold our wedding dinner at the property in July 2011. Philip and Paolo made our entire wedding experience for us and our guests an absolute dream come true.

We planned our wedding in Tuscany while living in New York, so required a lot of help and attention from both of them for an 8 month period...the entire time, Paolo was extremely patient with all of our many questions and details. He was extremely accomodating with answering questions by email and by phone, taking photos of things for us and spending time with us to make sure we felt comfortable with everything. Throughout the process, he went out of his way to help us locate phenomenal vendors, venues and plan our big day. He also helped us locate the most amazing chef to cook the best meal we've ever had!

Not surprisingly once we arrived at the property for our 3 day stay, Philip and Paolo were absolute angels and continued to go out of their way to make our experience memorable and stress free. They and the other friendly, helpful Fontelunga staff made us a fantastic breakfast every morning of fruit, yogurts, cereals, juices and a Paolo's mom's breakfast cake (and of course, great lattes!). Our guests dined outside overlooking the stunning olive groves, enjoyed sunning near the serene pool and played tennis on the on-property tennis courts.

They also gave us as much privacy as we wanted, which was nice since it was the first time many of our family members had met--making our trip all the more special. Throughout our stay, they just let us know that if we needed anything, they were there to help in any way possible. And on our big wedding day, we found out that Philip had a secret, amazing talent...he single handedly designed and made decorations for the tables and tent (beautiful lavender arrangements made from lavender from the villa's gardens). Philip has an amazing talent that we did not even know about until the wedding day--that he used to design movie sets. His talents were clearly evident to everyone at the wedding...every guest asked us how we got such amazing decorations, and we pointed to Philip!

Everything was perfect and we wouldn't change anything (except maybe to stay longer!) We wish we could get married again and do everything the exact same way at Villa Fontelunga.

Philip and Paolo -- thank you for making our days at Fontelunga so memorable and so incredibly special. Again, we are so sorry that it has taken us so long to write this review! We can't wait to see you both again when we're next in Tuscany!

Thank you from the bottom of our hears and send our love to Lola, Coco, and Charlie.
Cristin & Derek

Dear Paolo & Philip,
First of all, we would like to thank you all very much for your kind and relaxed hospitality, during our stay at Villa Gallo last week.
We enjoyed our stay 100 % even if it was quite cold but the snow made it cery special and the countryside was spectacular : we will certainly return again during the summer months and we will also give your place our best recommendations to our friends.
Hope you all will have a fantastic summer.
Kind regards, Marianne, Olaf and Axel- Munich , Germany

Lola Chasing a squirrell in the snow

Charlie in the snow for the 1st time

Fontelunga woke up with snow all around Feb 2012

Snow at Fontelunga Feb 2012
What a difference !This morning I woke up and open the french window to the olive grove and found it all white . it snowed all night and Fontelunga look quite magical!
Charlie and Lola had a great time in the snow , while lucy preferred to stay in bed under the duvet

1st Feb 2012
Ok today it is freezing cold! and I am pretty sure it might snow later on during the evening.
I m going to put the fire on in the house !

24th Jan 2012
Hello to all and Happy New Year! We are back in Tuscany and usual we are redecorating Fontelunga.
we have put in place new gates at the front of the villa and they look great painted in the same light blu of the shutters. all bathrooms have been redone as well, painted in a different colour , new Bisazza tiles in the showers and baths and some new floor tiles as well .
All rooms a repainted as well and the antihall of Avorio and Oro look amazing .
So we are busy, busy, busy.
Have a good week end

Paolo and Philip Holiday snap Jan 2012
This year we decided to stay closer to home and for our winter break we choose Spain.
After Xmas at home in rome we went to see our friends Eric in barcelona and had New Year Eve in Madrid : in both cities as usual we had a fab time.
For the first time we went to Gran Canaria and overall we had a good time . Definately Maspalomas is a zillion time better than Playa del Ingles ( and we stayed in Playa del Ingles close to tha monstruosity known as the Jumbo center)

16th October 2011
All to all, season 2011 is now over and the villas are closed atthe moment for few remodelling , painting etc.
At fontelunga philip designed new gats for the car park heading to the Villa, they look great! Off to London today to see family and friends for a week and than Xmas in rome .
i wish all our guests new and old fantastic festive season and lets hope for a better 2012 for everybody .
ciao Paolo

8th October 2011
Sorry for such a large gap in my blog but we had a superbusy Sept and litte time to write. The weather is has been and is still fantastic , warm and sunny and it seems that autumn doesnt wat to cme this season.
Please check our special offer for October, you can find some great deals.

5th September 2011
An August as well is gone ! Still very hot and sunny weather. Had a great wedding , James and Maris , last week at Fontelunga . On sunday Philip and myself took the day off and went to Padova to see a girlfriend for dinner. had a great time , thank you Alberta !

21st August 2011
Massimo and Oliver arrived from PAris to sepnd few days with us in Tuscany, I m so happy! Went to visit La Foce's gardens in Chianchiano Terme , really beatiful Italian formal gardens.They do a tour of the garden every wendsday in the afternoon from 15.00 to 18.00.
After that a quick drink in Pienza looking at the sun set and dinner in Bagno Vignoni, overall a great day !

19th August 2011
SOOOO HOT !!! even the air con cannot cope with this heat wave but we love it and our guests as well.

16th August 2011
Rob is arrived at the Villa already 2 weeks ago and he is a fab manager! philip and myself took 2 days off and went to Rome for Ferragosto to the beach with our pack of dogs.
I love Rome in the summer , no traffic at all !
Went to Ostia and chilled on the beach both days and had dinner at the Mediterranea restaurant , great meal with giant kinf prawns, and tuna steak ! Hotel and Villas full with lovely guests! Natasha and Stef it was great to meet you and we hope to see you soon back in Tuscany

3rd August 2011
We are already in August ! Time fly by far too fast! Having great weather, sunny and hot and lovely guests.
Arnold & Eirik over to see us from Norway for the week end before they head to Barcelona for their summer holiday.
Bushes of blackberry are out and before my neighbour will steal all of them i will go to pick them up

Summer in Tuscany

The fileds of sunflowers are in full bloom , a sea of yellow in the Tuscan countryside. Jack , my nephew iperactive Jack Russel is now with us for two weeks holiday. A pack of 5 dogs is quite an handfull


Charlie 5 MONTHS

28th July and 5 months birthday for the pups: they are growing so fast! Sari last day in Tuscany, tomorrow she is going back to Filand . she is has been fantastic and a great asset for the season 2011. over the last 3 months I had the previlege to get to know an incredible young woman , very professional and always willing to learn something new . I will miss her very much!

26th July 2011
Very long week end and very wet, we had so much rain and the temperature dropped 10 degrees! back to normal today so the guests will be happy.
Last week to lovely guests went to Cortona and did the Roman walk: once back Lucy and Abi told us that they had a close encounters with wolves! quite scary ! It was towards the end of the day , really on top of the hill close to the forest and at one point they heard some ruffling and low groawling in the bushes... Quite scary! So please if you would like to take the walk take extra care !
Love to all Paolo
21st July 2011
Glourious sunny day , already at 7.30 very warm , it will be very hot today.
Philip off to London in a little while and me holding the fort this time. We have a house pipe ban for the first time since we moved to Tuscany: i cannot water the garden anymore (or at least as much as i would like to keep the lawn green). Pups is big trouble: they found on my new trainers and decided it was a good game to rip it apart...

20th July 2011
Sorry if I didnt write for a while but life has been not too easy and sometimes guests can be really not very pleasant , lets leave at that .
Sari , our fantastic intership from Filand left after 3 months trainig and I will miss her very much . She as been fantastic. Charlie and Coco are now 4 months old and supernaughty but really adorable. The season is progressing well , always with a challenge around the corner. lovely guests lately (love them)
Philip is off tomorrow to London and Ines has arrived back for 2 weeks

9th July 2011
Saturday and we have a total change of guests today.
Superbusy day and everything that could go wrong went wrong : the joy of owning an hopsitaity business in Tuscany ! Our fiends Axel is over from Hamburg and he is taking fulladvantage of the Lovely sunny and hot days here at Fontelunga . In the evening , after this horrible day( at least for me and philip ) we went to La lodola for dinner: we had a table outside and with a bottle of Prosecco and Avignonesi we had a great meal and spend hours chatting and laughing before I literally colapsed drunk on the table !

3rd July 2011
Very busy week with both hotel and villas full : great guests as well! Today I went on foot to Scannagallo and all the fields of sunflowers are up and glorious : one more weeks and the fields will be a sea of yellow.As well the lavander is in full bloom and the smell and the colour are fantastic. The weather is hot and sunny and last night after lots of tapas in Barcelona went back to a lovely Pizza in Lucignano , eating outside in the main square under the loggia.
Love to all

28th June 2011
Just come back from a great week end in Barcelona and as usual had a fantastic time with Eric. Unfortunately Philip had to stay in tuscany to hold the fort.
Shame that it went so quickly! Cant wait togo back in Sept

21st June 2011
Happy Summer day to all! lovely sunny and hot 21st June 2011. Coco not too well since last week : she had a small cut on the side of her face that went full of puss and now she is on antibiotics feeling very sorry for herself.
Had quite a difficult week with all sort of crap landing on my feet , from no water from the local authority , ice machine broke down, and some interesting and challenging guests( apparentely our ice cubes are not good or cold enough!)Missing my mum , she went back to Rome and off to Ischia with some friends for 2 weeks.
I really have to start to write a detailed diary of life at Fontelunga: maybe iin the future somebody will publish it!
Anyway fantastic guests in all the villas ( we are full ) and tonight our mid week dinner party with a full house.
The Palio in Siena is only few days away , 2nd July at 19.00
Again happy summer to all

14th June 2011
back from Rome where we had a good laugh with our friends from all over the world! lady Gaga at Circo Massimo in Rome was quite amazing and Euro Gay Pride was a big success.
Feeling a bit fragile today but sun is shining and having lovely guests makes life very nice indeed

11th June 2011
finally we have some sun! we had a very wet week, kind of tropical weather , sunny in the morning and torrential rain in the afternoon. back to normal today.
Pups are growing fast and are very naughty indeed.
Off to Rome for the week end , Euro gay pride : it will be fun .
have a good week end to all

2nd June 2011
we had a massive thunder storm last night and today it is much fresher. family from Rome and London and over to Fontelunga to celebrate Philip and Ines birthday this Sunday 5th June. Hotel and Villas full with really lovely guests and makes my file so much better.
love to all

30th May 2011
Long week and long week end . Philip was away on business in Holland and whatever could go wrong at the Villa went wrong ... I m sooooo tired today ! at least the weather is really sunny and super hot ! Pups are now 8 weeks and ver naughty but always adorables. As well today is Lola birthday , she is 7 yers old .

20th May 2011
Week end is starting and we have a full house ! Mum and Dad fly in today and will stay with us for few weeks. Pups are growing very fast and Charlie is a real furball.
Yesterday tried one of mum's recepe for a morning cake , very easy to make and quite delicious to have with your cappuccino. Here is the recepe:


300 gr Flour
300 gr sugar
3 eggs
1 glass of olive oil
1 glass of single cream or milk
1 packet of baking powder
Start to mix sugar and egggs , add flour , olive oil , milk and the rest and keep mixing until nice and fluid .
bake at 175 degrees for 40 minutes on a midium tray.
If you want you can add 2 apples thinly sliced. Yammy !!

Tiramisu with strawberries

5 eggs
600 gr of Strawberry
5 large table spoon of sugar
500 gr of Mascarpone
2 packets of Pavesini biscuits (thin sponge biscuits or similar)
1 rectangular dish 30cm x 15 cm and 5cm deep

Cut the strawberry in very small pieces and add some lemon and sugar and leave to marinate.Split the egg yolks from the whites and put in separate mixing bowls. Beat the egg whites until stiff. Add the sugar to the yolks and beat until the colour turns light yellow and the sugar is well amalgamated.
In a separate bowl beat the Mascarpone and gradually add the Mascarpone to the egg and sugar beating all the time.
After this fold the egg white into this mixture with a spatula.
At this point do a layer of Pavesini in the dish and spoon on strawberry and the juice you obtain from them.
A thin layer of the mixture on top of the pavesini and repeat this for 3 layers .
Keep in the fridge for a least 6 hours before serving.
Serves 8/10 people (big portion) or up to 16

Charlie at 6 weeks
hello my friends and greetings from a lovely sunny and warm Tuscany. here are the first photos of the pups at 6 weeks: they are really adorable and start developing their own personality. Charlie was the runt of the litter but know is the bigger one even if most of his size is fur.
And this is Coco our new little girl! she is already super affectionate. We will keep two of them, Charlie and Coco , while the third pup Chico will go and live with Simon and Carmelo.

10th May 2011: Sunny , sunny , sunny !
Hello people,greetings from sunny Tuscany. May is here and so far we are having great warm weather. The most important festival that takes place in Lucignano is without question the May Festival. It is an annual village festa in the spirit of the best rural Tuscan tradition, a sort of reconfirmation of the ancient celebrations for the new spring and summer seasons after the long winter period, almost a propitiatory rite in the belief of an abundant crop. And today, as in centuries past, the Festival has a very precise interrelationships in which the dominant role is represented by the celebration of our memories of the past: the parade is a procession of symbolic allegorical floats adorned with flowers with the participation of musical and folk groups that come from all over Italy and also from abroad. From the 24th to the 31st May .
ciao Paolo
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8th May 2011
I know , I know it has been ages since my last entry and I deeply apologies for it. Life has been pretty hectic and very happy and at hte same time very sad.
Lola and the puppies are great and growing fast and of course totally adorable .
the sad news is that Oliver passed away and went to doggy heaven. Both Philip and myself are very sad. Oliver was only 8 yeras old but since he was attacked by the big alsatian 2 years ago , his breathing got worst and worst.
I suppose life goes on and the new generation does remind me of him when he was a 10 weeks old pup and came to live with us at Fontelunga .
Love to all P

1st April 2011
Hello friends , finally some glorious sunny weather, spring is fantastic the only down side are my allergies that are off scale this year ! Zirtec is the only thing that works for me and doesnt make me feel sleepy.
Today we are reopening the swimming pools(even if I suppose they are a bit on the cold side) Lola and the puppies are doing well : she is a very good mum and she hasnt moved from the den at all just licking and feeding them non stop.

28th March 2011
HAd a great week end with lots of our friends for Connie's 40th birthday bash! happy birthday again Mrs Eng , we love you. Another fantastic news is that Lola yesterday at 17.30 had a C section and she delivered 3 adorable puppies , 2 boys and a girl! so far monther and little monsters are well and lets keep our fingers cross for the next 48 hours.
Season 2011 officially started today(with torrential rain)
ciao to all , Paolo

23trd March 2011
Finally we are having some excellent weather here in Tuscany. Yesterday the temperature reached 18 degrees and it was really sunny, makes such a difference!
Especially from last week when I was in Paris for some marketing and the weather was wet and grey for the whole week.
Nethertheless I had a fab week end : after work I was out and about with my friends and doing what I cant do in the middle of the countryside in Tuscany.
Marais , this is where my friend Massimo lives is a great place with lots of designer shops , cafe and restaurants.
Back in tuscany now and looking for the week end.
Lots of our freinds will be around for Connie's 40th birthday bash !!
Have a good week , Paolo
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13th March 2011
Lovely week end with my friends from Rome ,Venice, London and San Paulo. Arezzo during the day and Cortona for dinner at La Loggetta , great food , wine and company. Unfortunately today is pisssing down with rain so after a very late breakfast we are all realxing in the villa reading and watching a movie. Sweet do nothing

Smeraldo room 7th March 2011
Hello my friends and greetings from a very sunny bur very cold Tuscany. Had a lovely relaxing week end with Philip and doggies here at home doing very litttle. On sunday went to Monte san Savino and bought a bit of delicious Porchetta from a great shop right in the main square called Le delizie di Aldo. As you can see from the hpoto we have changed the look of the smeraldo room, painted the wall behind the headboard, and introduced a duvet on the bed and new bed spread and cushions. Now philip is redoing the Tormalina room and the last one to be redone before opening will be the Ametista room . Have a good week !

5th March 2011
first week end in March, gloomy day overcast and coldish , quite depressing really ! good new sis that lat night we found out that Lola is pregnant again and she may have 2 or 3 puppies and she should deliverby the end og the month. i really hope this time everything will go OK !!
have a good week end
2nd March 2011
Enough is enough , I had enough of winter, in much need of some warm spring days!We are already in March!! time fly by far too quickly and we are not getting any younger!!
Wet and gray today: Oliver and Lola are asleep in their beds and dont fancy to go out for a walk and Lucy is sitting on my lap making it quite tricky to type.Weather is quite mild but there is this low pressure over Italy for the next few days so more rain on our front strp.

27th Feb 2011
Bitterly cold this morning but again supersunny : we woke up and it was -2 degrees , very cold for us here in Tuscany. The mountains range all around us are white with snow, stunningly beautifull !
Happy carnival week to all : today we will go to Foiano and spend the afternoon watching the parade of the floats.

21st Feb 2011
Had a lovely week end at home. the weather was very good , cold but really sunny! Met some friends in Florence for dinner on saturday and on Sunday just took it easy , cooked Roast lunch for Philip and myself and went to Foiano to see the Carnival floats: they are very impressive ! Sorry no photos , my battery was down !

8th Feb 2011
New great initiative for Arezzo and Cortona: guided tour in both cities for individuals or groups.From April to October in Cortona every Monday from 11.00 to 13.00 price Euro 10 per person. In Arezzo every Thursday from 10.30 to 12.30 price Euro 10 per person.
Special rate for small groups: 4 people and 1 is free of charge!

6th Feb 2011
My dear friends , greetings from a very sunny but cold Tuscany. We are back from our winter break in Cape Town , where as usual we had a fantastic holiday! Back at the ranch and so far we have been very lucky with the weather. it is cold but high pressure all over Italy assure us lovely sunny and crispy days. Both Philip and myself look forward to reopen the season 2011 in mid March. At the moment we are doinf paperwork and the sual update around all the villas. there are some special offer on the webpage for early bookings for April and May 2011 .
Ciao ciao

Jan 2011 Cape Town
We are having a great holidayin Cape Town as usual.A great restaurant in Kalk Bay , The Harbour house , definatly a must !

Jan 2011 Cape Town

Jan 2011 Cape Town

5th Nov 2010
My dear friends , greetings from Tuscany. Today we have officially closed the season 2010 and this week end we will celebrate our 20th year anniversary since Philip and myself met in London at Simon's house. Few friends and family arrived from all over the world and we had a brilliant time ! Villa Fontelunga as hotel is now closed until next March but the independent Villas are all open for business.
Have a good winter and I will keep you posted by time to time .

8th Oct 2010
Still amazing weather : this October so far is fantastic.
Truffle and Porcini mushroom season is started and last night e had some great home made pasta , fettuccine with Porcini.

30th Sept 2010
Today Philip and myself are off to Barcelona to celebrate our 20th Anniversary together! time fly by when you are having fun!

19th Sept 2010
This week end is Lucy birthday : she is already one year old.
All our villas are fully with lovely guets for the wedding of Tim and Louise. Summer is still here with us and I hope it will carry on for few more weeks.

7th Sept 2010
I am achy all over ! Cycling is more difficult than I thought but quite good: will go back again for some more! Villa Fontelunga is full with lovely guests at the moment and please note that this year all our villas will stay open until the first week in January.
Check Special rate here on line for Nov and Dec
For Christmas/New Year 10/11 we will keep our villas at Scannagallo open .
Xmas week from the 20th December for 1 week
New Year from the 27th December for 1 week

4th Sept 2010:
Feel a bit tired today: woke up early due to the fact that the hunting season for "tortore" (sort of wild pigeon)is started, apparentely only for 1 day! So I was up at 4.30 with Lola , Lucy and Oliver in toal panick attack!
Later today I will go to my first bike ride class cross country and i will give you a full report tomorrow .
ciao Paolo

28th August-Napoli

28th August

Went to wonderful napoli for the week end and had a great time: the city is really beautiful , full of treasures.
The Royal palace of Capodimonte with its lovely gardens was a great escape from the busy city on Sunday pm

20th August

20th August

great BBQ!

20th August

Gelato at villa Fontelunga for the BBQ night the day after the formal wedding.

19th August

Lovely wedding : cerimony at Villa Fontelunga and lovely reception with dinner At Villa Scannagallo. perfect weather.
The gardens ware full of lanterns and candles, very romantic

19th August
What a great wedding we had for the last few days T fontelunga ! Congratulation Alison and Michael !!

17th August
Hello to all from sunny Tuscany. Summer time is still with us and we have a full hotel and all the villas are very busy as well. Another week and Italy will start working again: at the moment as you might know the whole country is on holiday!

4th August

Back in Tuscany after our fantastic mini holiday. Weather still sunny and hot, we are very lucky this year the season is you can see from the photos i m eating a pizza: this is the first pizza since the 10th Feb when I started my diet with no Carbs. i never tasted anything so delicious. VIVA LA PIZZA !!

3rd August

After a long walk on the beach Oliver, Lola and Lucy are having a nap under the brolly. Lucy is not too sure about the water and the waves while Oliver and Lola any excuse is good to be in the water and cool off a bit

2nd August

This is Gaeta , a small town on the coast half way betwwen Rome and Napols. we simply love it.
One night we went to this great restaurant called Masaniello, in the old town.(Piazza Commestibili 6, Gaeta 040249 tel 0771 462296. i had fried calamari , followed by sword fish steak with grilled veggy: super delicious.
After dinner we went close by to this cool bar called La Francese and we had too many drinks! of course on the way home we could not have a gelato at Il Molo before going back to our hotel overlooking the port called Gajeta

1st August

1st August

Holiday is all about resting, food and wine! and in Gaeta the choice of places to eat is enormous!
Last night we went to Mediterraneo al porto. the owner is Roberto , very friendly and charming man.

30th July

Last week Philip and myself took a mini break from Tuscany and went to the beach, south of Rome to Gaeta and Sperlonga.
Of course Oliver,Lola and Lucy came with us.We simply loved it and highly reccomend it! One day we went to the beach in Sabaudia and the beach was paradise , with very few people on it .

25th July

Sunday morning : my two boys are still asleep!
Quite Sunday , just one arrival. Went to a great winery between us and Siena , called Felsina in Castelnuovo Berardenga. Tel + 39 0577 355117
Ines cooked lunch as usual and did stuffed Tomatoes and I would like to share the recepe with you:
Pomodori al Riso
Ingredients :
8 ripe medium sized round tomatoes
8 medium potatoes
8 serving spoons of Arborio rice
garlic clove, fresh parsley, basil
olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

- Cut the tops off the tomatoes, remove the insides and put in a bowl and reserve to one side.
- Keep the tops also.
- Sprinkle salt over the insides of the tomatoes and put them top side down to drain the water
- peel and cut the potatoes and put in salted water and bring to boil for 5 minutes.
- Chop the garlic with the chopped parsley and basil and add salt and pepper.
- Mix the inside of the tomatoes with the chopped herbs and olive oil(5 tablespoons)
- Add the uncooked rice to the tomatoes and let it stand for 30 minutes to get the flavour.
- Fill t

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